Shared Reading and Core Vocabulary

5 months agoApril 2, 2020
Hi, I experienced some audio issues watching this video.  The video example shown had no sound.  And some of the other audio was a bit garbled.  Thank you though!
Anonymous too
5 months agoApril 2, 2020 how info is explained so nicely...will you be able to fix or replace video?
4 months agoApril 2, 2020
This would be very helpful to parents, would like to recommend it, however, not comfortable forwarding this without the working video example. Love it if you could fix video or delete it. Thanks
4 months agoApril 3, 2020
Great video but right at the part where the gal is demonstrating the shared reading, there is no sound!  so parent I share it with will not be able to see and hear this in action:(
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